Week 1

bujo randos C1 0 1

So these are how I plan on staying on top of things this years. These are my Bullet Journals, one for this year and last. I started using it last year to stay on top of a few things. I will admit I feel off towards the end of the year but picked it up again the end of 2017 thanks to the app.

I’d take photos of the inside but ask anyone who’s seen my writing and its hieroglyphs if you’re not use to it. The basic run down of the journal tho it to keep track of your important things in a more fluid way.

Yes in an ever increasing digital world I have chosen to use an analogue system to keep track of my day to day. Now I still use stuff like Google Calendars to schedule out my day I use this more of keep track of what I did over those days. It’s also a great way to keep track of how often you’re really doing something. I’ve designed monthly calendars into mine to keep track of how often I get groceries and other just basic stuff we don’t really track.


Check out the website for more info


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