Instagram… 1/7

As a visual artist this is what was the most important social media account it seemed. I still have my accounts.

I just post so rarely.

As a photographer you kinda need new and current material to post to social media otherwise you’re kinda of just making a catalogue.

I have recent-ish stuff. It’s not what I shot before but it’s still content.

It’s still my stuff tho and thats why people are looking at my social media. Sure having clickbait worthy material helps but then you reach this point of are they seeing my working or are they just looking at the content. Both are good. Both are bad. But neither are what I should be thinking about as I’m creating my content to post.

And besides who do I need to impress with my instagram.

Oh wait yeah, clients. Those people who pay me so I can pay my bills and feed myself, and function like an adult.

Ok so my social media needs to

  1. grab attention.
  2. be clickbait at times, but not at others.
  3. needs to be normal enough to get clients.
  4. needs to be weird enough to show creativity.

And I still gotta figure out how this new timeline setup works. I hate that I see images from FIVES DAYS AGO at times. But I’m seeing this image from five days ago because enough people keep liking it enough to keep it current. Which means it’s a clickbait post. Which if it does what it needs to it will bring more people to that page. Which if I post my weird and creative and clickbait type photos I’ll get a bit of the same boost.

But wait, if I post different types of clickbait wouldn’t that make me show up in more feeds for longer. I could post two different types of click bait in a week and see what kind of pull in it gets. While still posting normalish stuff during the rest of the week. And while yeah I do need to post more content in general posting anything I’m working on in the moment is still something to post. So what if it gets like four likes. Everyone starts out getting four likes a post. Thats the point of posting. To build up to getting five likes.

Now to just figure out what to post.


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